Nearly done…

As promised, I will be posting Imperceptible‘s final chapter today. Bear in mind that “nearly done” in writer’s terms probably translates to HOURS, especially since I need to give this monster a final read-through, and uploading will involve a fair amount of formatting. But I’m pleased with progress… though it might go faster if I wasn’t crying over every little thing. ::wibble::

11 thoughts on “Nearly done…

  1. It’s an emotional day, and I’m sure you’re a little sleep deprived… Have a nice cuppa, a light snack and a nap, you’ll feel much better.🙂
    *goes back to staring out window*


  2. So excited! Take all the time you need! (And the fact that you’re crying over it is seriously going to make me cry over it while I’m reading… stop that… 😂)


  3. I’m so excited to read chapter 100!!! I’ve been dying to finish this story for years. I timed my re-read this time around so that I’d be done with chapter 99 just about in time to read chapter 100. I’m on 97. *squeeeeee!* Also, congrats on release day!


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