Impeccable Beginnings


IY – Youkai Shitsuji by j-lianne

A show of hands! How many of you have reread Impeccable in advance of the release of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox? (It’s certainly not required. I’m just curious.) While it’s true that I borrowed some elements from Impeccable when I framed the first book in the Amaranthine Saga, the cast are no longer loaners from Rumiko Takahashi. I know you’ll spot parallels (because I intentionally translated certain elements into the Amaranthine universe), but I hope you’ll be able to see these characters for themselves.  (Most of all, I hope you’ll enjoy the story. That would please me greatly.)

For fun, let’s look at the first chapter of Impeccable, a fanfic I began back in 2009. It’s an AU (alternate universe) adventure I started after a fandom friend made a remark about raunchy slave!fics. ::twinkle::

Chapter 1: An Unlikely Heiress

Kagome stared at the envelope that the junior partner of Heihou, Houhum, & Houjou placed in her hands. “There must be some mistake. I’ve never even heard of Eimi Higurashi-Smythe.”

“There’s no mistake,” the solicitor assured her as she inspected the unusual seal, then broke it. “Mrs. Higurashi-Smythe is… was your father’s grandmother’s half-sister.”

“I… see…” Kagome murmured. “Surely there must be other, closer relations?”

“None that met Mrs. Higurashi-Smythe’s particular… requirements.”

Kagome cautiously unfolded the rich, cream-colored stationery and scanned the first lines:

‘So they’ve found you at last. I knew there must be another priestess in the family…’

• • •

Originally Posting Date: May 5, 2009
Prompt: Cream
Words: 100

Impeccable 01 by Jupe

Jupe created art for EVERY chapter in Impeccable.

And here’s a peek at the first little bit of the typeset first chapter of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox, which releases on Thursday, February 22.

• • •

Interior Peeks, Ch1

Similar? Indeed!

Same? No. No, it is not.

Have you pre-ordered your copy?

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12 thoughts on “Impeccable Beginnings

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!💕

    I DID read and enjoy every bit of Impeccable, but I am not re-reading it because I want to read Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox first. Call me weird (:cough: AGAIN :cough:) but I want to enjoy the book without making comparisons to your fanfic. Obviously some will pop up, but I don’t want to encourage them, lol! Then I will go back and enjoy Impeccable again. 😄

    So now I’m wondering if Tsumiko, spun from your fanfic, will spawn fanfics… 🙀


    • Yep! I probably wouldn't have done a re-read … and for similar reasons. Doing the comparison read afterward is a solid choice. ::wink::

      Amaranthine Saga fanfiction? Are authors allowed? I've often pondered if the one who establishes the CU is allowed to alt ship? ::shifty eyes::

      Maybe we can do an informal sort of Drabble/Drawble Night later …?


      • As the author, I would think you can do whatever you like, though some fans might not want it messed with, lol! So… I suppose you might write under a pseudonym… I mean another one… but your style is pretty distinctive, so maybe that won’t work. Type with the other hand? Switch right brain/ left brain dominance?
        I’m now wondering what kind of story/fanfic vortex might occur, and can it be contained?
        I say we risk it and I vote for a Drabble/Drawble Night, though I am woefully out of practice! I sense another prompt list on the horizon… 🤪


  2. Oddly enough I re-read Impeccable about a month ago because I needed a pick me up and only had a night to devote to pleasure reading before I had to go back to work reading (otherwise I would have re-read all of Lord Charming again XD).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pre-order made! Happy Valentines! I’m on the same mind about reading impeccable after reading your book, but i have good memory so i might see similarties since i have read it many times. I read all your stories at least ones a year but my absolute favorites (Impeccable, Lord Charming!, Unspoiled!, Cursed monk etc.) i read around five times a year, sometimes monthly. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I can’t decide yet how I’m going to acquire your book! T.T
    I’ve got multiple options.
    I can pre-order on Amazon US (but that’ll take to long to ship to my country 😦 )
    I can also do it on Amazon Japan as I have a friend that will be going there (but I will still acquire the book much later)
    I can get a Nook copy on Barnes and Nobles (but I really, REALLY want to get a hard copy)
    Or I can wait for it to be released in my country. Sooooo, will it be released in the Philippines on Feb 22? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You should be able to get the book from wherever you are since my printer is solidly international. I think at least one other person has mentioned pre-ordering in the Philippines.


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