Book Box!

Yesterday was one of those sit-on-your-hands, distract-self-with-manga kind of days. Because focus is non-existent when you have one eye on the clock and an ear tuned to the distant rumble of delivery trucks in the neighborhood. Because a box from the printer was due… with pre-release copies of Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox.

The book box FINALLY arrived, but not until after dark. So I waited for daylight to take pictures. Wanna see?

Tsumiko, book box

This was one VERY HEAVY box. (Chubby books!) And the covers are so very Shiny. (Incidentally, this makes them tricky to photograph. So much gloss and glare!) But I managed a few snapshots. I’ll share more as Release Day nears (February 22). You can pre-order your copy anywhere books are sold. If that happens to be Amazon, be sure to follow my author profile there!

Tsumiko, fanned

I’m also now a Goodreads Author! **Do no be alarmed. For differentiation purposes, I have been punctuated. (Didn’t hurt a bit.) Friend and follow me there. And join the never more than FORTHRIGHT discussion group that Lexie set up for us. And thanks for adding Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox to your virtual bookshelves! ::glomp::

22 thoughts on “Book Box!

  1. I haven’t ordered yet because something was holding me back and seeing this post makes me think the reason is because I what my copy sigmed! Is there any way to make that happen?

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    • You’re not the first to ask. I do think we can work something out. Let me ponder on it for a few days, and I’ll do a post next week about signed copies and/or bookplates.


  2. It’s so realllll now. I keep wondering if I should change my preorder to my friends place so I can have it IN HAND on release day and not wait ten more days for it….

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      • She isnworking part of the time sooo (plus she’s a bookie like me. Part of our vacay is literally just laying around reading til we need to get food).



  3. So excited for you Forthright! They look amazing! I preordered my copy today. Can’t wait to enjoy your newest adventure!

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  4. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Those books are totally squee worthy! I can’t wait to get my hands on my copy. 😆
    (We had a similar ‘waiting’ scenario here, but we were waiting for delivery of a ukulele… which also arrived after dark.) How different our households are, lol!

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    • Not so very different, since our household already includes a ukulele!

      …and a mandolin and a viola and a drum set and a couple of cellos … and I’ve lost count of the guitars and keyboards. ::twinkle::


      • LOL! This is a second ukulele, the first is now designated a “travel” uke. We also have a trombone, baritone, clarinet, dulcimer, guitar, drum kit, keyboards and more maracas than you can shake a tamborine at… oh, and a triangle. Let’s jam!
        (I can’t play all of these, just trombone, keyboard, maracas, tamborine and triangle… but not all at the same time. I’m nowhere near that talented! 🤗)

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  5. Omg Omg. And then you friended me on Goodreads! 😀 I’m over the moon and can’t wait for my preorder! I’ve been reading your fanfiction for ages and I am so excited you are making the leap! Proud to support you! ❤

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