Fangirl Confession

Never have I ever. I know certain storylines backward and forward (including both canon details and fanon interpretations). For instance, I own the InuYasha anime and still have whole files of screencaps from my days as banner-maker for several IY contest communities. I’ve watched the series in both dubs and subs. And I kept up with the scanlations back when we were nearing the manga’s completion. But I have never actually read the manga straight through from beginning to end. So I’ve begun collecting the series that made a fandom ficcer out of me.


Rather nice of VIZ to re-release the manga in 3-in-1 omnibus editions with an unflipped format. (You wouldn’t believe how often I had to explain to someone which arm Sesshoumaru is actually missing because the printer had flipped the manga to read L-to-R for an American audience.) ::cringe::

How about you? Any gaps in your obsessions that you’ve been meaning to fill in?

9 thoughts on “Fangirl Confession

  1. I have watched and read Inuyasha in its entirety when it was originally released (though not again since). I never finished watching Yu Yu Hakusho, though. I meant to, years ago, but got caught in a few other manga instead.

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    • Yes, it’s been YEARS for me when it comes to my earliest manga/anime series. I plan to take this coming year for a reread of my library. Especially for those that are missing volumes. In fact, I believe I’m missing the final two volumes of YuYu Hakusho. It’ll be fun to mix some old with the new series I’ve begun collecting.


  2. It’s not over an specific anime or manga BUT I have to admit that I don’t like movies related to anime/manga series. (Examples: Naruto movies, HunterXHunter movies, and yes, even InuYasha movies). Let me explain: if the movie does not add anything to the plot, it will not interest me. It would need a great amount of fan service for me to like it. Otherwise, the action, the suspense and intrigue are completely gone. I love Inuyasha, FMA:B, HunterXHunter, Naruto and other animes which have a couple of movies but I simply get bored with their respective films. Of course, there are a very few exceptions but still not worth rewatching any time soon or… ever.
    I don’t know if this counts as a gap but here you go. I hope I’m not the only one.

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    • Oh and I have been trying to fill in that “gap”. I’ve been watching movies of anime series that I like, although is still hard not to get dissapointed.

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    • Oooh, urg. The movies. I’ve seen all the IY ones, and I appreciated them only because they gave me screencaps of moments that NEVER happened in canon … like an InuKag kiss, brotherly cooperation, and rare glimpses of a non-fossilized InuPapa.

      I’ve never seen any of the Naruto (or Naruto:Shippuden) movies. That bad, eh? I’m not really surprised. I ended up skipping some filler arcs, too. Some gaps were never meant to be filled! ::laugh::


  3. Never finished 3×3 EYES or Fushigi Yugi manga. 3×3 EYES bc I lost track so long ago I’ll need to reread the whole series and FY I stopped before the Sequel series (after they defeated Nakago).

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    • There have been a few series that I would reread from the beginning (or at least go back a few volumes) before cracking into the newest installment. When the world-building is complex or the dialogue nuanced with subtext and clues … yep. I always wanted to make sure I was catching everything the author wanted to convey.

      When I lose track because I’m losing interest, I don’t feel bad about ditching a book/series/show. I’d rather reinvest myself in things that contribute to smile-inducing enthusiasm and happy sighs.

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      • Yep! I gave up on Nisekoi back on volume…5 I think and I don’t feel bad about that. I actually gave up on IY somewhere around volume 32 (confession: I really dislike Inuyasha, he’s pretty much everything I dislike in a guy (I love the rest of the cast tho, especially Sesshoumaru and Kouga) so while I skimmed the final volume to see how he and Kagome wound up together, I was less than pleased (cough probably why I prefer FF cough).

        I also gave up, though for different reasons then the others, X by CLAMP. I loved CLAMP. So much. But the knowledge that X is very likely NEVER going to be finished dampened my want to read it…

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