To that reviewer who kindly reminded the that November 11 is right around the corner … and that Elevenses deserves an update… ARGH! 


For those unfamiliar with my non-IY fandom dabbling, Elevenses is a Darker than BLACK fanfic that throws together Misaki Kirihara and Jack Simon, codename November 11. I just reread it…

…and now I want to finish it.


9 thoughts on “Elevenses

  1. I actually don’t ship 11 with anyone, but I did read your fic before because I was curious in your non IY fics. Continue it! 😀

    Ooh, this reminds me of your other non IY fics, namely that Spirited Away fic. Will you write for that fandom again?

    Anyhoo, the DtB fandom could use some love. The only one who’s really (somewhat?) active now is tsuki-llama (have you read her DtB fics?). She and her pals at tumblr have this DtB fellowship where they share tons of headcanons and research and plans.

    This also reminds me of my planned fics, but no time! D:

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    • This may sound strange, but I’ve never read any Darker than BLACK fanfics. I simply wrote and posted the story I wanted to tell.

      Many fandoms don’t suit my tastes because all the stories are (understandably) dark and melancholy. I much prefer humor and hope. ::twinkle::


      • And I just read your other 11ses post and YAAAAAAY! 😀

        Also, do read tsuki-llama’s DtB fics! Start with “One Hour At A Time”. I think her AU (she made other fics in relation to that AU) is fairly balanced in angst and humor and fluff and suspense. 😀


  2. I left a review for Elevenses few weeks ago saying it’s 2016 where’s the next chapter and begsn to think you absolutely abandoned this good fanfic like so many other authors who did the same to theirs…until I found this blog and your announcement, which made my day.

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