FAQ: How long will Lord Charming be?

Ever since I jumped back into fandom’s playground and resumed Lord Charming, people have been asking some variation of this question:

  • How long will Lord Charming be?
  • How much longer are you going to drag this out?
  • Are you trying to reach 1,000 chapters?
  • Will you ever complete this story?
  • I hope it never ends!
  • I love the courtship rituals!
  • You ruined everything with the courtship arc.
  • Where are the lemons?!? There had better be lemons!!!

Yes, this story is long. No, I’m not purposefully dragging things out. I’ve always known that this is the direction the story would take, but I wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take me to spin it all out. (I’m three parts pantser, people. This is me having fun.)


“The End” is in sight. Based on my notes about the remaining moons, the resolve of the courting couple, and the patience of you, me, and the universe at large … I can say with some authority that Lord Charming will be complete in 800 chapters.

So there. ::twinkle::


17 thoughts on “FAQ: How long will Lord Charming be?

  1. I’m gonna be lonely when this ends, but at the same time I know I’ll go back and reread it a bazillion times like all your other stories. ;v; but you said you would pick up Savvy after this if I recall correctly, and that’ll make me super happy. *v*

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  2. OOOHHH any plans for Unexpected? That’s such a sweet story, too.
    I love your work! And I’ve been so happy getting all of these updates every day!

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  3. I am cemented in the Never End camp and will be so sad when this piece is complete. My comfort will be knowing there is always potential for a new release >:). It’s interesting, these past years you have enable the continuation of my obsession with fanfuction yet at the same time helped reduce my overall consumption because the quality is hardly matched and I now only care for this Ship. I owe ya!

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  4. I love that you know where it will end and yet I hate the thought that it will end. These updates are always a nugget of happy excitement in my day! Any plans to continue Counting the Hours this holiday?

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  5. 800? And here I thought it will be 1000 chapters. But I guess we should not keep Sesshoumaru waiting. Poor Lord is already in strain. I don’t want him to attack us with Bakusaiga. šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

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  6. This story has been part of my life for too long so I will do it right and set it free when the time comes. We have grown together and we have met again and again through the years, it feels more like a long time friend, like a steady comfort than a piece of fiction.
    That said, if this story was a human in any shape or form I would not only marry it. I would endeavor to steal its heart so completely that there would be no doubt to any being in the universe that it was our destiny to together not only in this life but in all others.
    I revere your work.


  7. Y’know, I got a real itch to reread the chapters where Kagome and Sesshoumaru “number each other’s inheritance”… and just kept reading like that… and realized something. I have no idea who Milady got jiggy with and it’s DRIVING ME INSANE. We have new sibs and no explanation!! What’s the likelihood of us getting a little spin-off story, or at least a oneshot to tell us something?! QvQ


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