ANIME: Kaleido Star

Kaleido Star

I’ve been getting around to all those anime that I’ve been meaning to get around to. One of the latest was Kaleido Star, an upbeat anime featuring the plucky Sora, a young woman who travels from Japan to America in order to audition for the legendary circus, Kaleido Stage.

There are two seasons, and I enjoyed them. Speaking as a fandom ficcer, Sora’s an easy girl to ship around. I picked my OTP very early in the series. And would write for it if I had the time. ::twinkle::

4 thoughts on “ANIME: Kaleido Star

  1. Omg, a fellow KaleidoStar fan~!! *A* (I shipped SoraKen so hard at first, but now I’m such a SoraLeon addict…)

    I hope you write something for them eventually!!


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