Complete: Nabari no Ou

As a serial storyteller, I appreciate serial storytelling (especially if I trust the author). Hardly surprising since I’m such a big fan of manga. Little by little, bit by bit, a mangaka develops their storyline. Some of these serials seem like they’ll Never End. Others are cut short, leaving us with a slapdash conclusion. Some are dropped by translators, so our manga sets will remain forever unfinished. Maybe that’s why I have a special place in my heart for the completed series.

Nabari no Ou, 1-4

Nabari no Ou by Yuhki Kamatani (Yen Press) is complete in 14 volumes. I was first introduced to this world of modern ninja via the anime. However, like many of the animations, the season ends before the story does. Sure, they give us a bit of resolution, but with this one, I wanted the Whole Story. So I began collecting the manga and recently finished the series.

Nabari no Ou, 5-8

I enjoy all sorts of stories across a wide range of genres, and I’m glad I picked up Nabari no Ou. Memorable characters. Intelligent story-crafting. Subtle humor. Murky secrets. Unlikely friendships. And enough angst to wrench my sympathetic little heart.

Nabari no Ou, 9-12

I detest spoilers, so I’ll give none. (Hey, I’m even leaving off the last two book covers.) Suffice to say that I’ll be rereading this manga from time to time … and I have a fanfic outlined. Just because.

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