Complete Stories (IY)

Fanfiction can be a risky business. Don’t you hate delving into a story only to discover that it’s a WIP? Waiting for that next chapter can be so… ugh! Lest I leave you story-stuck, here is a list of my completed tales (in no particular order) from the InuYasha fandom. As time allows, I’m hoping to pull more of my unfinished stories into this list.  

Chaptered Fics

Unsought – CU. Naraku is dead. The Jewel is complete. The quest is over. Everyone is ready for their long awaited ‘happily ever after’, but Fate has one last twist in store. Sometimes the ending you find is not the one you were looking for. Miroku x Kagome.

Unspoiled – CU. a story told through a series of drabbles and oneshots in which Kagome is tossed into the distant past and encounters a very young Sesshoumaru. Believe it or not, this is going to be a romance, but it’s definitely taking the scenic route.

Froth – AU. Few women have what it takes to work at Founder’s, but when Sango complains to the manager about the coffee shop’s flirtatious counter attendant, she’s offered a job on the spot. A Miroku x Sango coffee shop romance that attempts to defy its own cliche.

Impeccable – AU. Kagome is stunned to learn that she has inherited a sizable fortune, a Japanese estate, and an indentured youkai. She’s the unlikely heiress, and Sesshoumaru is the perfect butler. Sesshoumaru x Kagome.

The Kissing Bandit – AU. An art thief with an unusual calling card is after a set of priceless statues. The Taishos take steps to protect the Four Souls, but the cat burglar is elusive. When Sango steps forward as a witness, she’s asked to help catch the ‘Casanova’ crook. Miroku x Sango.

The Cursed Monk – CU. Kagome finds a brochure describing a cave with the statue. Thinking it might be Midoriko’s cave, she plans a trip to revisit the site. However, this cave doesn’t contain the legendary miko; instead, it’s an amorous monk. Miroku x Kagome.

Clutter – AU. Mrs. Higurashi decides to help her daughter put her life together; enter Sesshoumaru, professional organizer extraordinaire. A romantic comedy told in 100 word snippets. Sesshoumaru x Kagome.

Lord Charming – CU. More than Sesshoumaru’s pride took a blow when he lost his arm. He’s in a delicate position… and desperate enough to seek the advice of a self-proclaimed expert. Sesshoumaru x Kagome.


Heir Apparent – CU. Demon swords do not forge themselves. The story of a swordsmith, his long lost hope, and the ironic twist that will shape his future.

Pale Shadows – CU, Modern Era. It’s Halloween, and Kagome keeps catching glimpses of something… or someone… out of the corner of her eye. An imposing presence, an implicit threat, and a message from beyond. Sesshoumaru x Kagome.

Miracle on 34th Street – CU. Kagome comes up with a surefire plan to figure out what happened to youkai in the modern era. It involves dancing chicks… cupcakes… and a guinea pig. Kouga and Kagome.

The Bargain – CU. Lessons learned in childhood last a lifetime. They mold young minds and shape their futures. The things that left the biggest impressions on Sesshoumaru were his father… his teacher… and an egg.

Reckless – CU. When the quest ends, Kagome is sent back to her rightful time and place. After approximately five centuries of waiting, youkai in the Modern Era watch for her return… some more eagerly than others. An Adult!Shippo and Kagome story.

Matching Wits – CU. There is only one girl that Kohaku would choose, and Rin’s heart beats for just one boy. It would be the perfect match, if their respective heads of households could only manage to come to terms. A duel of proverbial proportions. Sesshoumaru and Miroku.

Sensei – CU. Souta Higurashi turns fifteen and wishes his life was as exciting as his sister Kagome’s. When Grandpa decides the boy needs training up a bit, Souta’s new Sensei isn’t all he appears.

Troved – AU. Everyone knows that a hanyou comes from the union of a human and a youkai. In this case, the union of a human and a youkai is brought about by a hanyou. Sesshoumaru x Kagome.

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6 thoughts on “Complete Stories (IY)

    • Yes and no. I’ll probably explain more in a future blog post, but there are Reasons I haven’t wrapped up Imperceptible. However, I do have a plan (and even a tentative release date on my writing calendar). Patience, please. All good things in their time! ::twinkle::


    • Long time devotee here, first time commenter;
      You have many faithful subjects longing for a continuation of “Imperceptible.”


  1. Troved isn’t on your list. QvQ

    But question: would you be alright if i wrote a fanfiction for Troved?! I want a continuation so bad. QvQ But of course you’re already swamped with so many amazing stories….


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