Every Name a Story

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal. There are three wolves in Class 3-C at New Saga High School, all from the Nightspangle pack in America. They’re used to mingling with humans, having grown up in an urban enclave, but they’re less familiar with the language and culture of Japan. Even so, Hanoo’s leadership qualities shine through.

• • •

Say, did you catch this mention back in Bk2?

Lapis arched his brows. “You require taming, so I am throwing you to the wolves. They clearly understand the process.”

Hanoo said, “We do. It was our job back home. Although it’s been a few years since we had to deal with a strong aversion.”

“Not since Jiminy.” Yoota rolled his eyes. “What a handful he was.”

Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal

One thought on “Every Name a Story

  1. I had to go back and reread that book too. Yes, he was a handful 🙄! But worth the effort. So many intertwining paths. Hints here always seem to lead to stories there.


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