Mood Stripes 005: Held

Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters in this audacious adventure… especially for the stubborn one. A nod of recognition is bent towards Rumiko Takahashi for her creative prowess.

Chapter 5: Held

Inuyasha never doubted he could beat Naraku with Tetsusaiga. All he’d needed to do was land a blow. But their enemy was irritatingly elusive. Then Sesshoumaru arrived, seized Naraku, and held him in place.

Finish it.

So Inuyasha unleashed the fang’s full fury. Naraku’s face twisted with rage and fear. And Sesshoumaru hadn’t budged. He coulda. Why didn’t he?

“Keep his claws occupied while I apply Kagome-sama’s disinfectant.” Miroku murmured, “My apologies, Sesshoumaru-sama. This will sting.”

Inuyasha pinned his brother’s arms. “We’re trying to help; don’t get pissy.”

Golden eyes drifted in and out of focus. “Leave me.”

“Like hell.”

Original Posting Date: March 9, 2018
Prompt: Elusive, suggested by Nilee1
Words: 100

Summary: In the aftermath of the Final Battle, the victors lick their wounds and look ahead. However, a misspent wish on the Shikon-no-Tama changes minds, hearts, fates… and colors. SK. Canon Divergence. Begins here. To scroll through archived chapters, use the Mood Stripes tag.


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