Cover Reveal

Pimiko and the Uncharted Island. Many of you already know the name of the next book in the Amaranthine Saga. It’s become tradition to include the title at the back of my ebooks … and to include both the title and summary in print editions. As an added bonus, those who order signed copies always receive swag that offers a full-color sneak peek of the next book cover. Let’s make this official!

He leads an elite taskforce. She did, too. On television.  

After the finale of her dazzlingly successful television drama, Pim Moonprowl packs her bags and books passage to a secretive resort that makes alluring claims. She’ll pay anything, promise anything, do anything to find out if they’re true. On an island that’s not on maps, Pim encounters a silver-tongued doctor, a kindred soul, a caged star, and a clever monkey. This is her big chance to put into practice the skills she gained from eight seasons on an elite taskforce.

Boon can almost taste his prey, he’s that close. If only he hadn’t run up against a barrier in the middle of the ocean. He puts out a call and calls in a favor. There’s a plan in place, and reinforcements are en route, but Boon is restless to run the Rogue to ground. Taking a risk—definitely his style—lands him with a couple of responsibilities he really didn’t need, and both of them are female.


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4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal

  1. Very excited for this one. I’m trying to hold out on a re-read of all the books until closer to the time so I can try and spot all the new clues 🕵️‍♀️. Ok, I’m not expecting to actually see very many, but I live in hope!


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