For the Flyleaf. I feel like I should explain bookplates because I’ve managed to confuse so many of you. When you order a signed book from me, I fill in the bookplate that’s printed on the flyleaf of the print editions.

But knowing that some of you would order your books elsewhere, we created bookplates that you can order separately. These are stickers, and they’re designed to be affixed over the blank space on the flyleaf. I’ve mentioned them in passing, but they’re not in high demand. However, some readers have realized that they’re … unique. And in the quest to collect All The Things, a few (like Marianna) decided to order all three.

Bookplates 123

To cover print costs and postage, I charge $3 USD for each bookplate that’s bound for a US address, $4 USD for international addresses. Details for ordering are in the same old place. SIGNED BOOKS >>

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