ART: Green Dragon

Kimiko took in the Amaranthine’s showy coloring, sheer wardrobe, and excess of accessories and pegged him for a dragon. But not the one she’d been expecting, for Lord Mossberne was a blue.

—Kimiko and the Accidental Proposal (Amaranthine Saga, #2)

I haven’t treated you to art in a while. Let’s have another of FoxOfTwilight’s sketches featuring a cast member from Book 2. You know this guy, right? ::twinkle::

Sinder Stonecairn by FoxOfTwilight

Green Dragon by FoxOfTwilight
a.k.a. “Touch My Nose”

…and because it’s nice to zoom in

Green Dragon

7 thoughts on “ART: Green Dragon

  1. SO LOVELYYYY. ❤️ Have we seen art of Lapis? I’d love to see him. Been re-reading for the billionth time and I love how my view of him fluctuates depending on who he’s with (all haughty grandeur with outside people but he’s an uppity young’un when I see him with Harmonious and Hisoka-sensei 😂)

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    • I just saw this.. thank you so much for always leaving such kind comments, they give me LIFE! ❤

      You made me think about how cool it would be to have a couple of art books printed to give out as early pre-order bonuses.. and later for prizes! <33 Thank you!!


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