2 of 7

If you haven’t run across this tidbit of information, let me restate it here. The Amaranthine Saga is slated to have seven books. (I planned that much—and named all the mikos—before I began writing the first book.)

Amaranthine Saga 1 and 2

I won’t mess with half books, so the main series won’t have a volume 0.5 or 3.5, but I’ll play around a little with my free “fanfic,” Lord Mettlebright’s Man, which may just plod along in the background of the whole series. The collection I’m calling Songs of the Amaranthine will contain stand-alone short stories that predate the Emergence.

4 thoughts on “2 of 7

  1. Yeah! I love this ‘fanfic ‘. It is blending in nicely with the main story.

    Got my Twinkle pens in the mail this week! Thanks so much!

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