Only in fandom…

Sniff, Sniff. I’m having trouble keeping a straight face over here. (Hey, I can grin as goofily as the next fangirl.) It’s all kinds of adorable that you’re recommending shampoo scents for his lordship. #SeriousFangirls


8 thoughts on “Only in fandom…

  1. Of course we are! I agree that we’ve all got our own thoughts on how we would like him to smell. I love a woodsy scent. I just got back from a trip to Scotland and the body wash at one of the B&Bs we stayed at was very organic and reminded me of a fresh sea scent. I think it had lemongrass in it. But it was very male. Quite nice.

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  2. So this is where my mind goes; Miroku shops for Sesshoumaru’s new clothes, Kagome brings back a new scented shampoo and a Hai Karate commercial starts running in my head.

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