To the Post Office!

I’m off to the post office with a tidy stack of books. Those of you who splurged on an autographed copy will only need a teensy bit more patience. Media Mail can take 7-10 days.

Shipping Tsumiko

Bookplates are also ready, but I’m holding onto the current batch because they contain a surprise/spoiler about Book 2 … and most of you haven’t yet received Book 1. ::impatient harrumph:: Do you want a bookplate, too? Info is on this post >>

By the way, you totally cleared out my stash of print editions, but I’ve ordered more. I’ll let you know once those become available.

12 thoughts on “To the Post Office!

  1. Shoot! I waited too long!!! I’ll definitely be waiting for you post of more available print copies 😭😭 Especially since Amazon still hasn’t sent my preordered copy…. so excited for you and how well this release seems to be going!

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  2. So excited! ❤

    It's not just Amazon; My local bookstore claims to have limited stock but every time I go the person at the counter will look it up in the system, give the computer a really confused look and tell me they don't have any.. I'll just have to be patient and wait for my super amazing signed copy.. /sigh

    Heh 😀

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  3. I’m trying to be patient but Amazon is making me sad. Still haven’t recieved my preorder either. 😦
    And they are giving me nothing but there will be a delay. I was so excited but now I’m bummed.

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    • IKNOWRIGHT?! Twinkle Press has issued a mildly cranky complaint. Squeaky wheels and all that.

      But let’s cling to the bright side. The written word is transcendent. Your book will come!

      ::waiting with you::


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