COMPLETE: Imperceptible

Finally! This winding tale has finally been given its finale. Safe to say it’s the longest chapter of the 100. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “COMPLETE: Imperceptible

  1. I am laying down in my bed crying because that ending was so beautiful. Inuyasha and Rin’s fate made my heart ache, the descendants were an unexpected pleasure, and I feel so satisfied by how Seshomaru and Kagome affirm their feelings in the well
    Thank you for sharing your writing, you really are so talented and I can’t wait to get caught up in your original story. Imperceptible was a joy <33

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  2. o___O

    When the author takes certain points of cultural nuance for granted, and is misunderstood.

    I’m a teensy bit offended on Himself’s behalf.

    Normally, I do not explain myself any more than he would, but I opted to add an additional end note to the chapter regarding inuyoukai traits.

    Maybe that will help.

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  3. This ending was beautiful ❤

    One of the things that I love about your writing is that, while you do give us endings that are 'perfect', at other times, you remind us that bad things can happen – but that those bad things can make the characters stronger. I love the way you wove Inuyasha and Rin into this chapter. You gave them meaning and presence beyond simply being Others in the story. Bravo! They were Important and Necessary, and their absence therefore feels that much more powerful.

    I'm sorry that people have taken umbrage at some of the choices you made as you wrapped this story up…but I will say, as I was reading it, I saw (in my own mind) the idea that there was some protection being shared, as well. And family and pack were being maintained…and isn't that important?

    This chapter was about survivors…and what's more, these have a future.

    Beautiful ❤

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    • I’m grateful for your encouragement. And I really shouldn’t grumble. Not every part of every story will satisfy the whims and wishes of every reader. And that’s good and fine and right and completely okay.

      I think one of my favorite parts of fandom has been finding so many readers & writers who like the same things I do. We’re kindred in our tastes and hopes. By some miracle, these stories connect us.

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      • You do your thing…I promise, you will always have those who ❤ it. (And to be honest, I prefer writers who have some stuff I don't necessarily enjoy/want to read. To me, that's what makes them Good. And who knows? Maybe in two years, or five, or ten, after I've lived a bit more of Life, I'll look at that story I couldn't enjoy and think "I need this!")

        Also…can't wait for my book to arrive! Still waiting for it to ship out – so I might end up rereading a few of your works during my homework breaks to get me through! The waiting! I'm melllllttiiinnnnggg! *overdramaticpuddleincorner*

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  4. For me, it was my favourite blend of tea 😉

    The primary notes permeated the whole chapter with sadness, longing, and old pain. But then I was able to taste the body, the heart notes, and it was amazing. Full of flavour and passion, pure raw emotions that burst with each poem snippet. I always thought Sesshoumaru to be fiercely loyal, but you’ve managed to add yet another feature that fits him so well: underlying passion and true feelings even through regret and suffering. Just beautiful!
    The final note was deliciously sweet, as only mutual healing can be, and hinted so much of hope that made me cry even more than the heartfelt tears I shed with each poem.

    You truly are a gifted writer. You never tell and only shows. Suave nuances would come here and there in the chapter, hinting at the past, hidden and obvious feelings, personality traits, and even social status or professions. Carefully chosen words weaved to make us savour each new discovery, helping us to see the intricate fabric of reality you created. A world I believed so much that I felt for each character as if they were completely real.

    Well done. I can only wait for your new endeavours and hope that your original work is incredibly successful so I can keep reading you ever and ever. Drinking from my favourite blend of tea ::twinkle::

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  5. So I have to say I just finished this and bawled my eyes out. Like full on sobbing. HOW DARE YOU!! But it was a lovely end. The poems were lovely!! I think I really like the red white and green one the most! But I honestly liked all of them. I only have two questions, I’m not sure if I misread it but Shippo is still around yes? And while the there are fewer wolves, are Kouga’s group still around? I’m just super curious! And now I’m all set for your novel because it’s suppose to come in the mail tomorrow….I AM READY FOR ANYTHING!

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    • ::offers tissue:: Odd as it sounds, I’m always flattered by a reader’s tears. Thank you for connecting that deeply with the characters.

      Heh. I wondered if anyone would notice that the poems belonged to Himself.

      As to your questions: 1) Naturally and 2) of course.

      TOMORROW! O____O


      • LOL For real though, at one point I had to stop reading because I was sobbing so much. My boyfriend and roommate was like…are you alright? And here I am like NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THEY WERE ALONE AND NOW THEY’RE NOT BECAUSE THEY NEEDED EACH OTHER TO TRULY HEAL AND YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND THIS RIDE!!!

        The first two poems I was like, oh who are these people she’s quoting? They fit so well! And then by the third one, I was like wait a second……these arn’t made up by her written as Sess…no…WAAAH! THEY ARE?!?! OMG!! And then I had to pay SUPER attention to them because they were his thoughts and their story.

        On a side note, I super love the idea that as a fierce warrior he uses the mightiest of weapons….a pen LOL


      • Also yes, I can’t wait! I’ve seriously been waiting for this since you mentioned you wanted to work on an novel so long ago! Sadly I’m going to have to wait until after work tomorrow but still…TOMORROW!!!


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